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Monday, July 9, 2007

Poetic Justice: Oldies Return to WCBS-FM Radio!

It happened in the dead of night in June 2005 - or maybe during the hustle and bustle of rush hour, I can't recall. But either way, without warning, WCBS-FM, New York City's wonderful oldies station for decades, went off the air - and in came Jack, quick as a flash, with a lame sarcastic attitude to boot. Jack is a sort of automatic jukebox format, with no one announcing the names of artists and records - just "Jack" cracking wise.

The format was a big success in many markets. CBS promised disappointed oldies listeners that they could still find their favorite oldies and CBS-FM djs at the station's online HD2 channel.... No fun at all if you're still drivin' 'round in your beat-up Chevy - or even a Prius with no HD capabilities...

But ... if you believe in forever, there is definitely a rock 'n' roll heaven - or at least some Johnny Angel looking down.

Because the Jack format, so successful in other markets, failed in New York!


And this Thursday, at 1:01PM, WCBS FM 101.1 FM will be back in business in New York! Slightly newer oldies - a little less doo-wap, a little more rock - but, hey, Bob Shannon will be back, and even some of the news guys ... and, if only they could bring back Herb Oscar Anderson ... well, maybe for another oldies weekend (he was the "Morning Mayor" on ABC not CBS radio, after all), I'd settle for that ...

And what about the few confused souls who liked Jack?

"He"'ll be available on CBS's HD2 online station....

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