Sunday, July 22, 2007


Cape Cod's the most beautiful place on Earth. And, though I haven't been off this planet as yet, I suspect the Cape would be hard to beat out in the cosmos, too. We go there every year. We just returned from a splendid month on the bay.

Part of the charm of the Cape is that it has both ocean and bay shores. The ocean has waves to rival Maine's. The bay is peaceful, with sunrises setting in the water and not to be believed.

The bay and the ocean merge in Provincetown, at the very tip of the Cape. It's the tip of a magic wand, but the spells it casts are its bounty of restaurants, galleries, bed-and-breakfast places in Provincetown - all in addition to the shores, of course.

There's so much to do in Provincetown - whether watching whales on a boat off the shore, or dining on the finest tuna, cod, or clams you ever tasted in your life - that it always helps to have a menu of opportunities before you get there. That's where comes in handy - you can get there on the web, or via on the cell phone. It has 75 listings for restaurants alone ... (yeah, I love that seafood).

So give yourself a treat. Take a drive, take a fast ferry from Boston, get yourself to Provincetown. And before you do, or even while you're on the way, check out what's in store for you at - hey, the whales were really in fine form in June!

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