Monday, July 30, 2007

John from Cincinnati: Episode Eight: Shaun, John, and bin Laden

A taut, tension-filled eighth episode of HBO's John for Cincinnati this evening, with some great dabs of humor - but everyone understandably worried sick about Shaun, given John's pronouncements that "Shaun will soon be gone," and his making a terrorist-style video message to make his point.

Best line of the show, apropos the terrorist angle, comes from the "ball busting" Cissy - referring to the video message, before she sees it, "like that fuck bin Laden"? Not only the best line of the show but Rebecca De Mornay's best line so far.

Also in the best line department, in the runner-up return engagement category, we get Butchie saying "dumping out" and "boning" as he describes John's peculiar speech pattern.

But Shaun's not yet gone - he's just off to Sea World with Tina (who again has the honor being referred to as "whore" by Cissy).

In the end, he also signs a contract with Linc, with Cissy signing, too.

But not to worry, we have two episodes left, and we're nowhere near a happy ending.

In fact, quite to the contrary, John is not letting up on Shaun soon being gone, and in the coming attractions everyone seems to be saying that he is ...

But I'm stubbornly holding on to the prediction that Shaun being "gone" may not be bad.

Great song as usual under the closing credits of this weird-ass but compelling enigma of a series ... "When Love Came to Town"... U2 and B. B. King's rendition of the B. B. King classic.

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