Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Meadowlands: Episode 6: Jumpin' Jack Wrath

MeadowlandsReal reveals on Sunday's Episode 6 of Showtime's Meadowlands - the best episode since the debut.

Plays on words and people were what made this episode tick. Does "Cape Wrath" sound like "Jack's Dead" to you? Maybe, a little. But that's what Freddie uses to try to get Danny to forget about Cape Wrath, which, we learn by the end of episode (Samantha tells Danny) is the name of the overall project of which Meadowlands is a part. So now we can see why the name of the show is Cape Wrath in the UK and Meadowlands in the US - America is, in the long perspective of world culture, part of the British realm of creation.

But back to the show ... Freddie is hoping to get Danny to forget about Cape Wrath by associating that name with Jack's Dead, something Freddie and we know Danny would love to forget. These mind games, it turns out, are what Cape Wrath and Meadowlands are all about.

Danny asks Samantha, near end of the episode, if he's brought his "family to hell". You've brought them to heaven, Samantha answers, because Meadowlands is witness protection-plus - that is, witness protection plus psychological manipulation to make all the criminals who got there feel ... good.

Which brings us to Samantha, and her back story, which is the other key to what's really going on in the show. Samantha goes to London to see her dying father, Professor Campbell (played by Clarke Peters, last seen as Detective Lester Freamon on The Wire, one of the best characters in that all-together spectacular series). Campbell is an eminent neuro-scientist, Samantha was his first experiment in reconstituting shattered souls, and ... now it all begins to make some sense. Of course Samantha is the person heading the Cape Wrath project.

The question, of course, is how sane is Samantha now, and therefore how seriously can we take her claim to Danny - assuming she wasn't lying - that he and his family are truly in the best place they could be....

Well, Dr. Yorke and wife Abigail are in interesting place, that's for sure. Abigail wears a dress Evelyn picked out for herself, gets the good doctor to call her Evelyn and they have a good time together in bed - but the doc feels guilty afterwards. My advice to the doc: get over it, enjoy it, Abigail played by Emma Davies is all right.

And I think Meadowlands is all right now, too - or at least fully back on a good, tingling track ...

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