Saturday, July 7, 2007

Live Earth and YouTube

Live Earth kicked off a few hours ago, with opening concerts in Australia and Japan.

It will be a great event. A truly worldwide concert to raise even more attention, still needed, about global warming. Another valuable contribution from Al Gore, who should have been President.

But it would be even better, and more effective, if it was available on every media outlet - on YouTube, for example, in addition to MSN.

Here is what I said about over-possessive media and Live Earth in Live Earth may set new stage for Web viewing, an article by Yinka Adegoke published on Friday by Reuters:

Media experts say over-restrictive limitations over broadcast rights on on-demand viewing are fast becoming a thing of the past, particularly for an event which is trying to make a difference by getting in front of many eyeballs as possible.

Paul Levinson, professor of communication and media studies at New York's Fordham University, says video clips will show up eventually on YouTube or elsewhere outside of MSN, so it makes more sense to enable video sharing.

"The idea that any organization can keep something in popular culture to itself is 19th Century thinking," he said.

The human spirit doesn't care who has rights to what. Our technologies are already interconnected to make sharing of video and other content effortless. It's time for our media organizations to wake up and smell the percolation.... Our global needs require it.

Meanwhile, here's an article about some of the other controversies swirling around Live Earth.... The path to improving the Earth never did run smooth...

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