Monday, July 16, 2007

Digital Framez

Media evolution proceeds in spurts - some parts of new media progress faster than others. Digital photography has revolutionized the ease of taking photographs. But the display of our photographs has either remained in the pre-digital age, when we print out our photos and put them in static frames, or has relied upon the awkward procedure of everyone who wants to see a photograph or an album craning their necks around a computer.

Digital Framez has a solution - a digital photo frame, which can display either single photos or albums. You can set the time you would like the photo to display, and the transition time from photo to photo in your digital album. You can place the digital picture frames on any wall, or set them on your coffee or side table.

The great snapshots from your digital cameras and camera phones need no longer be hostage to the past. They can be displayed in a manner in tune with the digital age. You can display a digital movie in your digital photo frame, too.

I wrote about something I call "digi-prints" in my science fiction novel, Borrowed Tides. You can see a similar magic in Harry Potter's photographs.

Now you can begin to enjoy something like this for your own photographs in Digital Framez.

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