Monday, July 23, 2007

John from Cincinnati: Episode Seven: The Halo Effect

Last night's John from Cincinnati on HBO - Episode Seven and the next to last - was the most upbeat (until the very end) and my favorite so far.

I also think I'm finally beginning to get at least a little of what this is all about: the frothiness and invigoration and power and pitfalls of surfing - whether the ocean or the Web.

Butchie is back in the water and beginning to regain his prowess. Kai has saved his gear, rather than sell them for the cash that Butchie needed for his drugs. All of that is great.

Also good is what Dwayne tells Butchie - the web hits on Butchie's page have jumped to 1244 in 24 hours (hey, Infinite Regress gets twice that on good days, thanks to all of you John from Cincinnati readers, which I truly appreciate), and Dwayne suggests that Shaun should get a site of his own. It's all part of the halo effect, Dwayne explains - not John's sort of halo, but all the publicity about Shaun's miraculous recovery drawing people online to Butchie's site (actually, that does have to do with John's recuperative halo, doesn't it)... Butchie, as usual, gets in some good lines, including a comment that Shaun's already on "MyTube" (good synchrony, I just posted a rave review of the first YouTube/CNN Presidential debate).

Meanwhile, back on John from Cincinnati, Linc's Stinkweed media-surfing company is trying to get him to see the merits of the Web. Linc resists, with apt comments about what the Web's most popular commodity (porn). But by the end of this thread, Linc may be a millionaire, and have Tina (Shaun's mother) along with him, too.

See, I told you it was an upbeat show. Even Palaka recovers after getting a raging infection from a tattoo.

But near the very end of the episode, John remarks, "Shaun will soon be gone..."

This means, what? John's powers of healing are only temporary? Shaun will have another fatal accident? Or maybe - if the series can end with at least a little hope - Shaun will be going on to have some great career that will take him away from Imperial Beach....

You know, I'm really beginning to warm up to this insane show and its pace and characters, and will miss it after the next weeks.

Including its fine music. The show ended tonight with a great rendition of John Lennon's "Watching the Wheels" by Matis Yahu - one of my all-time favorite Lennon songs.

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