Monday, July 9, 2007

John from Cincinnati: Episode Five: Not the Night

Well, tonight's John from Cincinnati - Episode Five, Day Four of John's visit - did have a scene in the diner with Butchie and Tina (mother of Shaun). But the Shirelles' "Tonight's the Night" was playing, nothing by Journey, and I didn't see any guy in a Members Only jacket....

Shirelles - 25 All-Time HitsNow I like the Shirelles and "Tonight's the Night" well enough... in fact, it's one of my favorite girl doo-wap songs.

But Rebecca De Mornay's one-note shrill performance as Grandma Cissy is beginning to grate on me, there hasn't been any surfing in the show in I forget how many episodes, and there are far too many conversations to follow.

I thought I saw some prelude to maybe something who knows between John and Cass tonight, and that was nice, but, all in all, tonight was not the night.

Which is too bad, because the last two episodes had begun to show some real power.

I can't even think of a word like "dumping" or "boning" which caught my attention, or anything I learned about the characters and the overall story that I didn't know before.

Well, there's always next week...

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