Saturday, February 7, 2009

Battlestar Galactica Final 4: Shout Outs to Lampkin, Lee, Tyrol

Battlestar Galactica continues to deliver some its best episodes ever in its Final series, and last night's #4 was one of the best.

Where to start? There wasn't an unelectrifying moment in the show.

1. Zarek surpasses Gaeta in evil - BSG's ultimate statement, which it's been implying all along, that soulless political leaders can be far worse than depraved military. But Gaeta still manages to order the firing squad to kill Admiral Adama, who, fortunately, by then, has led a great counter-rebellion and has turned the tables on the firing squad.

2. Shout-out to Lampkin - great to see him and hear his accent again. (A stand-out, memorable performance in this series by Mark Sheppard.)

3. Lee was in great form, too, shooting 'em up with Starbuck - they make a bad-ass team.

4. Laura - motivated by love of Adama - is back in top-notch, take-command action.

5. Sam is badly wounded. One of the best scenes of the night was Starbuck shouting at Lee to go save his father. I hope Sam makes it.

6. And how about Tyrol! He's become one of the all-time great FTL starship engineers, right up there with Scottie and Geordie - in some ways, as is the case with all BSG comparisons with Star Trek, even better.

And now Adama and Tigh (who didn't die) have regained control of Galactica, the fun's just beginning.

Ellen, the 5th of the Final Five, returns next week, in the 5th of this fine Final series of episodes.

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