Tuesday, February 3, 2009

24 Season 7, Hour 7: Ticking Chain Reaction

One of the best things about dynamic Season 7 of 24 is the way subplots are wrapped up so quickly, pitching Day 7 into new crises, related to earlier ones. The ticking chain reaction has always been the essence of 24....

Hour 7 wrapped up the CIP thread, without any more mass casualties. The plant manager in Ohio made an heroic Edgar-like exit, but Jack, Tony, Renee, Bill, and Chloe had already destroyed the CIP, and sent Ike Dubaku on the run. Did I say how much I like this team? Jack and Renee are great, Bill never looked better, Chloe's in fine sarcastic form....

But Hour 7 also, sort of, wrapped up Tony - he's not proceeding with Bill's group. We may see him later in the day, though.

And now the story is shifting to the First Gentleman. Dubaku will soon have him hostage, which will put a new kind of pressure on the President. But she won't give in. (I'm not sure, by the way, why the U.S. force has not been deployed already in Sangala - President Taylor mentioned something about the exit strategy not being fully in place. But I thought everything was set to go.)

And there's still the question of the mole in the FBI, and the mole in the White House. I'm still putting my money on Janis. Obviously, we're going to see everyone at the FBI unit working as hard as possible against the bad guys, until some decisive moment when the mole reveals her or himself...

Great season so far!

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