Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lost 5.5: Two More Time Travel Loops and Mind Bending Explanations

Two provocative time travel loop situations on the pulsing Lost - 5.5 - tonight, which of course deserve our more careful scrutiny and reach-for-some-sanity analysis -

I. Jin and Rousseau interact on the island 16 years ago. That's current Jin, who has been jolted back in time in the latest island skip, and young Rousseau, pregnant with Alex, as she was 16 years ago...

So - how come older Rousseau doesn't recognize Jin when she sees him earlier in the series, a season or two ago?

First, I'm assuming Rousseau did at least catch sight of Jin - he certainly remembered her tonight (and last week). I'm too lazy to go back and check the DVDs. If it turns out that Jin saw Rousseau in an earlier season, but she not him, then there's no problem in her not remembering him, certainly no paradox. But let's have some fun, and assume that Rousseau did see Jin some time in the past few seasons...

There are two ways we can explain her not recognizing him - which, she should have, given that Jin stopped her from going down in the hole after the smoke monster tonight:

a - Rousseau in every season up until this one was slightly out of her mind - and the last we see of her tonight, she's already a little on the way to losing her mind. A non-paradoxical explanation would have her mind gone enough by the time she sees Jin in the past few seasons, that she just doesn't recognize him.

b - But if Rousseau still has enough of her mind and memory to have recognized Jin in a previous system, we'll have no choice but to go into my World 1 and 2 explanation - you know, the one I tortured your intellect with for Desmond 1 and Desmond 2, Compass 1 and Compass 2, and even Denzel 1 and Denzel 2 in my explanation of Deja Vu.

Here's how it would work for Jin and Rousseau: Older Rousseau 1 meets Jin 1 for the first time in both their lives, in whatever earlier season they met. Jin 1 gets thrown back in time, and changes the world - or at least a few people in the world - when he meets the young Rousseau (and the French crew). At that instant, Rousseau is changed into Rousseau 2 - who will recognize Jin when they later meet. But we haven't seen that scene, because the ones we saw featured older Rousseau 1.

If this explanation is correct, then we can also assume that the French crew died in a slightly different way for Rousseau 1. Jin's going back into the past changed things a bit for them, too.

II. A different, sad time travel loop unwinds tonight between Faraday and Charlotte. She's dying from the time skips, and remembers that, when she was girl on the island, a crazy man told her to never come back to the island, because it would kill her. And she recalls that the crazy man was ... Faraday.

There's nothing at this point paradoxical or inexplicable about this loop - the older Faraday just fails to convince Charlotte as a little girl not to come back to the island.

But being a sucker for a happier ending, I see a way Faraday might save Charlotte, after all. Communicate through time to his older self - just as we've seen with Desmond - to be more convincing to Charlotte to not return to the island. This would then create a Faraday 2, and the same scenes we saw on the island with Faraday and everyone else last season and this season - except no Charlotte. Because she's safe, off the island, and Faraday can find her when the series ends...

See ... time travel can drive you crazy, but it can also make you happy ...

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