Monday, February 16, 2009

24 Season 7 Hour 9: Morris and Aaron!

Well, I was wrong about Janis - though she certainly gave being the mole in the FBI a fine run for its money in tonight's Hour 9 of Day 7 of 24 .... another powerful, kick-in-your-stomach per minute hour...

But creepy Sean's the mole after all - though, who knows, maybe there are two moles, and Janis is really working for someone other than Larry, too? Probably not...

It's great to have Chloe on the case behind a computer in a government office. I'm still expecting some sort of confrontation between Chloe and Janis.

I'm a little worried about Chloe, actually. It's a never a good sign when you say goodbye to your husband and sweet little toddler in the car, and you walk into a dangerous situation. But it was good to see Morris again, and meet their little boy Prescott.

Someone who also likely doesn't have much of a future is Dubaku's girlfriend Marika. Sean's treachery got in the way of Jack and Renee protecting her.

But, for that matter, I expect we won't be seeing much of Dubaku, either. Alive or dead, he doesn't have much to threaten, or contribute to the story. We'll likely see more of the real powers behind the evil - the bad guys in the government.

Fortunately, we'll have at least one other good guy on our side: Aaron!

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