Friday, February 13, 2009

Battlestar Galactica Final 5: (Almost) All Explained

After the shoot-em-up breathtaking final episodes of the past few weeks, Battlestar Galactica put on a riveting, soft spoken intellectual powerhouse of a Final Episode #5 tonight, with deep, real answers ... and, of course, a question or two.

This was mostly Ellen and Cavil (John)'s episode on the Cylon ships, and Sam's on Galactica. They both tell the story ...

Ellen created Cavil (she calls him John, much to his displeasure) and together they created the rest of the Cylons who look and walk like humans. Cavil hates his human body. Ellen considers him and all the humanoid Cylons a triumph, the best of both beings. They have free will and love...

This conversation between mother and rebellious son is one of the best in the entire series. It rivals the conversations Isaac Asimov wrote between R. Daneel and his human associates. (Added Feb 14: And in responding to a comment below by Livia, I realized that Cavil's speech about the exploding star was also reminiscent of Rutger Hauer's great musings about what he had experienced as an android, in Bladerunner.) We learn a lot about Cavil - he's the oldest looking skin job, but in many ways is still the youngest.

Back on Galactica, Sam's wound to the head has decanted his memories - of just about everything we need to know. The counterpoint of Ellen and Cavil, and Sam and his listeners, takes us through every season and century of BSG.

But ... Kara still doesn't know how she came back from Earth and the dead.

And now that the Final Five have been ID'ed in these final episodes, why not introduce one last product of Ellen's genius - Daniel, a humanoid Cylon rendered extinct by Cavil.

Who is he? Gaeta? It also turns out that the final five have no memories of earlier existences, and, therefore, relationships...

Cylons and humans have become even more intertwined, and this may come to include the Galactica herself. She's cracking, and Tyrol suggests an organic resin which will grow with the ship. Adama resists - at first - and then agrees...

And so the spiral cycle continues ... with a brand new beginning or bumper for the show. Pretty daring in itself, this far into the series and this close to the end...

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