Friday, February 20, 2009

Battlestar Galactica Final 6: The Necessity of Hybrid

Another really powerful, winning final episode of Battlestar Galactica tonight - this one, Final #6 - which was all about the absolute necessity of hybrid, and the impossibility of either Cylon or humans surviving now on their own...

1. Caprica 6 and Tigh's unborn baby Liam dies. It wasn't really because Ellen, in fine bitch form - the same personality as a Cylon as a human - tries to pull Caprica and Tigh apart. It wasn't because Tigh didn't love Caprica and the baby enough (he certainly deeply loved and wanted the baby). It was because a pure Cylon was not meant to be. Pure Cylon is not the way of the future. Not pure human, either.

2. The death of Liam makes Ellen realize that her attempt to get the Final Five Cylons off on their own won't work, either. They could neither procreate, nor get resurrected.

3. And Galactica herself can only survive by becoming hybrid - via the Cylon living resin mending its cracks and growing with it...

So hybrid is the only way to go. But human-Cylon life still has potent human-only and Cylon-only enemies...

Yes, another really satisfying, lyrical episode of BSG tonight. And with at least two priceless scenes ... Adama comforting Saul on his loss of a son (and Saul saying he knows it's not like with Zach) ... and Caprica 6 explaining to Ellen that Saul didn't love Ellen any less ... That one made me realize again why Caprica 6 has always been my favorite Battlestar Galactica character.

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