Monday, February 9, 2009

24 Season 7 Hour 8: Obama, Taylor, and Jack Bauer

What a night of television - one minute President Obama is finishing up a real press conference, next minute President Taylor is starting her press conference on 24. Fortunately, Taylor's crisis is a little more immediately perilous than Obama's and ours. On the other hand, Taylor's is fictitious...

It's Day 7, Hour 8 of 24 ...

1. Renee has no choice but to pretend to threaten an innocent mother and child - because the woman's husband, Vossler, kidnapped and turned the First Gentleman over to Dubaku, who is threatening to soon kill him. Renee doesn't like doing this, Larry Moss tries to talk her out of it. But it is important to note that Jack did not tell her to harm Vossler's wife and child, only to provide a creditable threat of that, to get Vossler to tell Jack where the First Gentleman is being held.

2. In a thrilling last scene, Jack and Renee almost free the First Gentleman, unscathed. Unfortunately, he's seriously wounded. This may be fiction, but on 24, happy endings are hard to come by.

3. So another Dubaku cell has been destroyed, but he's still on the loose. And there's still a traitor in Moss's FBI offices...

4. But the White House inner sanctum looks ok. In fact, we had a great scene tonight with Jack, Renee, Bill, and President Taylor. She asks Jack how she can know where his loyalties really reside? Jack replies, "With all due respect, just ask around." One of the best lines in the entire series....

You know, Barack Obama could use a Jack Bauer to help with the economy. Unfortunately, economic crises aren't as much fun to solve...

PS - And just for good measure, President David Palmer also put in an appearance tonight in the Allstate commercial, somewhere in the middle of 24!

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