Monday, February 23, 2009

24 Season 7 Hour 10: Jack and Renee

24 completed its first story line in fine style tonight - lots of action, angst, and fast-moving strategy.

My favorite scene was Jack and Renee, in the hospital. We saw part of this in the coming attractions - Renee slapping Jack, saying she just wants to know if he feels anything about the people who die. What came after was even better. Renee putting her head on Jack's shoulder, Jack comforting her, Renee pulling away, Jack walking away and warning Renee if she ever pulls a gun on him again she'd better use it, Renee retorting I would have, this time .... As I've said before, I think they make a good couple (though, enough already about goading poor Jack about Terry)...

Clearly, Jack and Renee will be back together as the season continues.

But the battleground is changing. Sean and Erica both were the moles, and they're taken care of (Dawn, one of my Infinite Regress readers, was right about Erika, after all!) (looks like I was wrong about Janis - but you still never know).

Chloe and Bill were both heroic in this part of the story. But, with the White House under attack next week in a two-hour episode, everyone's going to have all they can do to save the country. Excellent that Tony is back (another fine scene with Jack and Tony sitting on the steps across from the Washington Monument). Should be good - and, there's got to be a major mole in the White House itself, and I'm still not liking Ethan (that is, I'm thinking he may be a bad guy).

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