Sunday, February 8, 2009

Life on Mars Returns with a Glimmer of Sanity

Life on Mars is back in America for the second part of its debut season on ABC. So far, there have been two 2009 episodes.

In the 2nd 2009 episode - that would be 1.9 - we're finally beginning to see a little simplification, a good thing, given the insanity and lack of real explanation of what Sam is doing back in 1973.

Annie says she is moving from doubting Sam to helping him. This is welcome, given that Sam clearly needs all the help he can get.

And we have a dude in 1973 calling Sam - who may know about, be responsible for, whatever about, Sam's situation - and directing an Internal Affairs investigator to turn over information about Sam. This is also all to the good - if not necessarily (yet) for Sam, certainly for us, the viewers.

It seemed before winter set in last year that all that Sam was going through was just some sort of bizarre coma in 2009.

Rumors are flying around now, though, that the show may be changing direction - for the better.

I'm hoping that's true, and that what we saw in Episode 9 is the new beginning...

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