Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fringe February and Teleportation

Two good Fringe episodes in February, which moved the series along for its return for seven more episodes in April...

Here's what we have -

1. Olivia, last week, has run her course with John. No more adventures in the tank, no more mind melds, no more seeing John from the inside of her mind every now and then.

2. Jones, the teleporter, moved around a whole bunch of intriguing things tonight. We had seen him teleport from Germany to here, in an episode in the Fall, and tonight we see that again, and then some of its consequences.

A word about teleportation. It's had a colorful history in science fiction. Alfred Bester's The Stars My Destination, one of my top ten all-time favorite science fiction novels, did a great job of "jaunting" - "Gully Foyle is my name, Terra is my nation..." Star Trek's beaming made an indelible contribution to the teleport genre. Last year's Jumper - based on Steven Gould's novel of the same name - got mixed reviews, but I liked it just fine. And then there's Hiro in Heroes...

Back to Jones - it certainly takes a toll on him, much more than most of the Star Trek beamers. Gully Foyle was a junkie - and jaunting may have helped in that regard.

3. A typewritten manuscript which may explain a lot of what's going on has surfaced - it's decades old - and it was typed on Walter's typewriter.

4. And, of course, Olivia is a key part of this, and not because she's an FBI agent investigating these strange affairs.

And so, the stage is still set - better than in the Fall. And like the eternal bald observer who shows up in every episode, we witness and wait for more...

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