Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jindal's Simpletonian Speech Follows Tour de Force by Obama

I'm listening to Bobby Jindal - Governor of Louisiana - give the Republican response to Barack Obama's superb address to Congress and the American people tonight.

I've got to say that Jindal's speech - in delivery as well as content - is one the lamest "opposition" speeches I've ever heard any Republican or Democrat give.

Jindal says Republicans don't want to raise any working person's taxes - he must have missed when Obama just said that no one earning under $250,000 a year would pay a cent more in taxes.

Jindal says don't let anyone tell you our best days are behind us - I just heard Obama talk about America resurging to its greatest heights in the future.

One point that Jindal did get right is that the President and the Democrats think the government can help in this crisis. Jindal and the Republicans want what - the government does nothing to help? Apparently nothing to help with high-speed rail lines...

Back to Jindal's outrightly inane points, he cited Katrina as an example of the "bureaucrats" being bravely overruled. And those government officials would be .... Republicans.

If Jindal has any chance of getting the Republican nomination for President for 2012, it would reside in a majority of Republicans sleeping during his speech tonight.
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