Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lost 5.6: A Lot of New Questions

An oddly paced, fascinating, powerful but unsatisfying episode 5.6 of Lost tonight, that raised more questions that it answered, even though the answers that were given were good.

Answered: How Los Angeles connects to the island, and how our people can get back there. Good neo-Victorian scientific setting, and good explanation by Faraday's mother.

New questions raised:

1. Why did Kate leave Aaron behind?

2. Who beat up Ben?

3. How did Hurley and Sayid know to come to the airport?

4. Who was the woman with Sayid?* (And, for that matter, who was the other Iraqi - I think we saw him last in the excellent "House of Saddam" on HBO - the actor, that is...) *Played by Zuleikha Robinson, of Rome fame - thanks to Mike for mentioning this in the comments.

There were some nice touches - Frank Lapidus as the pilot of the plane (which makes sense - he is somehow one of the ushers to and from the island), and Jack meeting his grandfather.

And other less obvious questions - why, for example, did Faraday's mother, played by the fabulous Fionnula Flanagan, not react more to Desmond's message from her son?

All in all, it was good to see some of our people back on the island - but it may have happened a little too fast. This was one of those episodes that made me wish I had the self-control to DVR this one, and the next few, and watch them all at once, in a more satisfying story arc.

As it is, I'll just have to wait, looking through time for next week's screen...

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