Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lost 5.4: A Saving Skip Back in Time

Whew, a powerful, tender, heart-wrenching Episode 5.4 of Lost tonight -

1. Jin's alive! I expected he would be. How did he survive? He must have time traveled to the past, a split second before the explosion on the boat would have hit him. We have now seen, several times, that the island's jumping through time can save characters on the verge of death. Juliet was about to be shot when a yank in time saved her....

2. Jin (back in time) is picked up by Rousseau's people - young, pregnant Rousseau. Very nice touch.

3. Back in L.A., in our present, Ben's up to his old, complex tricks - on the side of good or bad, we still can't tell. He puts in motion a series of developments that seemed designed to take Aaron away from Kate - but maybe Ben is only doing this to make sure that Jack and Kate get closer together, which they do.

4. Sun, who doesn't know Jin survived, is about to shoot Ben, and who knows who else. Everyone has to survive, though, if the island is to stop skipping though time. Too bad that lawyer who was bothering Kate wasn't in the group - Sun could safely kill him without any risk to stopping the island's time skipping.

5. Which better happen soon, because the nosebleeds are spreading - now Miles and Juliet as well as Charlotte have them. Charlotte was born on the island, very likely Miles (if he's Candle's son - but he says he was never on the island before) ... But what about Juliet? We have no reason to think so, but, who knows, maybe Juliet was born on the island, too, and that's the real reason Ben and Richard brought her back a few years ago...

6. One of the best Kate and Jack episodes in a while ... Kate telling Jack she was always with him, when Jack asks her in a brief flashback, on the boat away from island, if Kate will be with him in supporting the Oceanic Six story ... And the smile between them when they meet tonight in LA was very real...

7. Sawyer sees Kate, too, in one of the time skips back on the island, when Kate is delivering Claire's baby. He doesn't say anything to her, it's not easy but he wants to leave the past alone. And neither does Locke, when he has a chance to warn his younger self, just after Boone dies, of the pain that's in store for him.

Faraday already told us that the past cannot be changed. And, apparently, neither do the people on the island want to, when they're given a chance.

It's a crazy universe, all right, but, it seems to have a penchant for wanting to conserve itself, or not unravel time and space on the island and our tenuous hold on understanding this brilliant story any further than need be...

Looking forward to more next week.

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