Thursday, February 5, 2009

Why Are Republicans So Mean?

I often wonder, why are Republicans so mean?

Yesterday, Barack Obama signed the S-chip bill into law, extending health care to millions of children. Previous Congresses had passed the legislation, only to have it vetoed by George W. Bush.

Why are Republicans so mean? Don't they care about the health of our children? They talk a lot about family values - are not children having access to doctors and medical treatment an important family value?

Right now, Republicans are trying to slash Obama's stimulus package, removing programs that would both help Americans and put people back to work - cyber security, contraceptives, infrastructure, space exploration. Republicans want, what, unwanted pregnancies, our computers vulnerable to cyber attacks, our roadways and bridges to decay even further? How is the country, how is anyone, helped by that? (I'll grant that space exploration is less immediately essential - but, in the long haul, getting out into space will be essential to our survival, too.)

When was the United States ever hurt by too much spending? To the contrary, it was FDR's increases in Federal spending that helped us out of the Great Depression, which was made much worse at first by Herbert Hoover's tightening of the Federal budget.

Herbert Hoover ... the Republicans now in the Senate ... What, exactly, is their problem?

They say they don't like spending our money - but we elected Obama and the Democrats by a pretty healthy margin. So what are they trying to protect?

Why are so many Republicans on the wrong side of this and so many other issues?
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