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Monday, November 1, 2021

Curb Your Enthusiasm 11.2: Twist on Twist

A suitably funny Curb Your Enthusiasm 11.2 tonight, in which I have more sympathy than even usual for Larry's unrequited grievances.

Well, for at least one of them.  And here you have be a guy to get this.  Toilet seats in a unisex toilet -- actually, just plain old toilets rathers than urinals -- that don't stay up.  I've encountered them in many places, including even in my own home some years ago.  I can't quite bring myself to spell out the details of why they're so aggravating, but let's just say you don't want to risk  ... 

So good for Larry for putting this menace into his show.  As always with Larry, his legitimate grievances are unaddressed.  But in this case, there's a twist.  It turns out Don Jr. wasn't lying when he told Larry he'd spoken to the maintenance man.  Which makes this whole thread not just a twist, but a twist on a twist: the second twist being that this Don Jr. is not a pathological liar like his father.

The other funny part of this, again typical Larry, is that he doesn't know that Don Jr. was telling the truth. That's because Larry couldn't hear the Greek dentist telling Larry about the same maintenance man's dissembling in the dentist's building.   So here Larry takes a shot at himself: sometimes his outrage is not justified, and due to Larry's own behavior (putting in earplugs to block out the music), Larry doesn't know it.  Just deserts.

Leon (J. B. Smoove) was also in good form tonight -- actually, in the coming attractions to next week's show.  He's come up with a new, invigorating drink -- he's calling it tap water.  If you think about what Leon loves to tap, you'll see the brilliance of the name.

Ok, enough for now.  See you back here next week.

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