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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Hightown 2.5: Bullets and Love


Whew, a powerful, life-changing episode of 2.5 of Hightown indeed!

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

Let's see if I have all of this right.  It starts when Renee gets into a minor car accident, and that puts her in touch with she really wants to keep her baby.  We learned in any earlier episode that she knows who the father is.  Episode 1.5 ends with her coming to see Ray, and telling him she loves him.  This means the father is Ray.  And I also think she really does love him.

She came at a very good time for Ray.  He was close to taking his life, after being beaten to a pulp by a kid whom Ray arrested (I guess last season, I don't exactly recall) and the kid's father.  Remind me not to go out for fast food take out on the Cape if it gets too late (only kidding).  Ray loves Renee, too, and this will give him big reason to live.

Now, earlier in that evening, Renee accidentally shot Jorge in the stomach, and prevented him from getting help, so he bled out and died.  Good to see him go.  She pays $60,000 to two cleaning women to dispose of the body -- a big job, literally -- and clean up the place.  What did she think Frankie would think and do when Jorge and the 60 grand turn up missing?

Fortunately for Renee, Frankie earlier shot Daisy to death, right in front of Jorge.  She couldn't be trusted, Frankie thought, and he was right about that.  But this helps Renee, because Frankie is likely to attribute Jorge and the money vanishing as Jorge skipping town with the money because he was furious with Frankie for shooting  Daisy.  I'd call this some excellent writing in the plot department.

That leaves Jackie.  She's had a bad evening, not knowing about any of this.  Leslie didn't respond with reciprocal text after Jackie said she loved her, after Leslie texted Jackie a nice naked picture of her.  Leslie made it clear that she's in the relationship for the sex, not for love, and maybe Jackie doesn't remember.  In any case, she's hurt and angry, which puts her in a good position next week and after to look into what happened to her CI Daisy.

And I'll see you back here next week with a review of how at least a little of that turns out.

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