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Monday, November 8, 2021

Hightown 2.4: Approaching Midseason Predictions


The biggest action in Hightown 2.4 tonight was Jorge punching Brittany aks Daisy in the eye, and Jackie and Leslie in bed together in the end.  The second was a lot better to see than the first, but the first led to a real breakthrough in Jackie's career:  the punch got Brittany to contact Jackie and offer to be her CI.  That's a big deal both for Jackie's future and her case.

Meanwhile, Frankie and Jorge's relationship is beginning to fray around the edges.  Jorge's betting that Frankie will support him over Renee, but that would only happen if Frankie had evidence that Renee was cheating on him.  Renee being pregnant with Ray's baby would also do it, despite the fact that Frankie directed Renne to play Ray last season.

It's only the fourth episode, but here are some predictions:

  • Jorge's not going to make it (obvious, but worth saying).
  • There's a good chance that Leslie won't survive, either.  She makes Jackie too happy, and Hightown needs her character to be more on edge.   Also, Leslie is feeling too good about Brittany's information making her a sargent.
  • Osito will survive -- he's too important and interesting a character not to.
  • And, even though I like him, I'm a little worried about Ed Murphy, too.
More generally, this season of Hightown is also due for some other big shakeup sooner rather than later.  I'm not sure what that is, but everything seems to be a little too much falling into place right now.  We may have seen a little inkling tonight of things to come with Jackie's father, a new character.   Will be interesting how he figures in Jackie's story in the weeks ahead.

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