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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Hightown 2.6: True Love and Deception


Hightown 2.6 came back tonight after a two-week gap with a top-notch episode.

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

First and foremost: Good to see Ray and Renee together.  But why, when Ray asked her what it was that got her to come see him, didn't she tell him that she thinks she's carrying his baby? I mean, yeah, she wants to keep her options open, but certainly telling Ray that is better than her telling him she accidentally shot and killed Jorge, or telling Ray nothing, which will keep his suspicions in play?

Next, not so good to see Jackie in such a tailspin.  Leslie did make it clear that she was in it just for the fun, and she was straight.  But that's Jackie's character -- she falls fast and hard for people, and that can pull her in directions way beyond her common sense.  I felt bad to see Ed say he's going to retire because of what Jackie said to him -- but I did say that I didn't expect to last this season.

I'm enjoying seeing Frankie under increasing pressure.  He's usually about as calm as they come, but Jorge missing after Frankie killed Daisey right in from Jorge is getting to Frankie.  Here's my prediction: when Frankie goes, it will be because Osito kills him.

Speaking of which -- it's beginning to be time for Osito to get out of prison. I have no idea just how that is going to come to pass, but especially with Jorge gone, Frankie needs someone to back him.

The table's set for major confrontations and upheavals in Hightown.  The Cape in December is a good time for that to happen.

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