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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Best Line About Dexter - from Lila

DexterThe crucial line in tonight's brilliant Episode 7 (Season 2) of Dexter on Showtime tonight came from Lila...

Dexter's being torn between the passion, honesty, and sheer liberation he feels with Lila, and the normalcy, love, and warmth he felt - and still feels - with Rita and her children. Dexter tells Lila that Rita and her family are were kept him human before he met Lila.

Lila responds - but how human was that, Dexter? How human were you? You were addicted...

And, of course, Lila doesn't know the half of it, but Dexter does, and so do we, the viewers, and Lila's point certainly rang true to me. Rita may have kept him human - but also, not deliberately but nonetheless, a serial killer...

The battle for Dexter's heart and soul is far from over, though. Dexter goes to Cody's (Rita's son's) performance at school, and very much enjoys it and the feelings it brings. Rita sends her mother packing. But Lila strikes back by burning down her studio, saying it was an accident, and calling on Dexter for support - which he cannot refuse.

Other important developments in tonight's show were among the best in the two-year series. Dexter's sister Debra is really falling for Special Agent Lundy, who may be smart enough to get Dexter even without anything Debra may accidentally reveal. And, following Lila's encouragement to be proactive, Dexter manages to get Doakes suspended in a masterpiece of manipulation.

But Doakes is not gone for good. And Lundy has come to the conclusion that the Bay Harbor Butcher's astute manipulation of the investigation means he knows police procedure as only an insider would ... And Dexter may not be quite cured of his craving as yet, either...

Edge of your seat, heart in your throat time as this stiletto superb second season of Dexter continues.

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Anonymous said...

rita,deb,and his dad are people dexter loves.lyla however is a con-artistwith an an amazing abilty to manipulate anyone she takes a fancy to.rita however in her inocense and the inocense of her children, have touched and penatrated his hard exterior and touched him with their love. they have shown him his humanity. those of us who kwow the power of true love,understand that it has no fear and it accepts no defeat.althouh rita has shown that she can be tough when she needs to be ...knowing that dexter is fact the bay harber butcher to much for her cosciousness to accept. so some secrets are best kept that way. that is one secret dexter can never share.that does'nt mean he won't still wack the bad guys when nessary.it's not a perfect universe but it' all we have.

Anonymous said...

Lila understands Dexter for what he really is and she excepts him because she is sort of like him herself. Rita on the other hand fell in love with Dexter's mask and doesn't know him at all. So what if Lila is manipulative, at least she sees Dexter for what he is