Monday, November 12, 2007

Journeyman Continues: 8: Livia's Story

I don't care how Journeyman is doing in the ratings - if there were any justice in this cosmos it would be in the top 5. Maybe it will, someday. Who knows what impact the WGA strike will have the ultimate winners and losers on television this season.

As it is, Journeyman just keeps getting better and better. And tonight's Episode 8 on NBC was the best so far.

We finally learn some more about Livia. I'd figured, pretty obviously, that she was not from this time. I thought her other-worldly quality likely made her from the future (like the heroine in my own time travel novel, Sierra Waters, in The Plot to Save Socrates). But it turns out that Livia's from the past - 1948 - which would also account for her other-worldly quality in 2007, if you think about it. And, as she explains to Dan, she gets boosted from the past, into the future, just as Dan gets yanked from the future back to the past. Symmetry in time travelers - very nice, poetic touch.

Dan also later tells Katie that the sojourns in time will get longer - which creates a good, sad tension in their relationship.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Jack did roll over for the FBI guy - as I thought last week - but he redeems himself this week, and does all right by Dan.

And one other thing - our tachyon scientist contacts Dan - and it is 100% clear, now, that he is aware of what Dan is doing, and, I still think, at least in part calling the shots.

What's setting Journeyman more and more apart from Quantum Leap is the way Journeyman is slowly, powerful weaving together Dan's specific missions and his larger story. Last week, the unabomber character was clearly conversant with time travel. This week, one of the misguided hippies in the 70s is hip to quartz, which the tachyon scientist said he was looking into...

It's all coming together, like a shattered puzzle coalescing, I hope creator Kevin Falls and his team can keep this fine science fiction going.

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