Thursday, November 8, 2007

Checking In On Brotherhood: Season 2, Episode 6: The Simmering Stew

The second season of Brotherhood on Showtime has been progressing well. Perhaps a little quieter than the first season, but building and percolating as the fine Irish stew of politics and crime in Rhode Island that it is.

Tommy's mistress Dana - well played by Janel Moloney - is an interesting, complex character. Tommy enjoys her well enough, but her off-the-cuff, cutting comments about the nature of their relationship keep Tommy from getting too close. And when she at last ventures a little real affection for Tommy, he pulls back ... and back to Eileen.

I think Tommy (Jason Clarke is excellent) and Eileen (so is Annabeth Gish) belong together, so I'm glad to see this. But I have feeling we may find before too long that Dana is pregnant. (No spoiler here, just a hunch - on the other hand, maybe that's too obvious.)

But it's good that Tommy and Eileen are pulling closer, with the election right around the corner, and the Mayor showing his true, backstabbing colors.

Tommy and brother Michael (can't ask for anything more in an actor than the quiet, explosive power of Jason Isaacs) are getting along better than ever, also. I'm delighted to see Michael depose his insufferable gangster boss Freddie (Kevin Chapman). But playing ball with the police like this is playing with fire, especially when Declan (Ethan Embry) is in the picture. If Michael ever finds what Declan did to him last year...

The cousin Colin (Brian F. O'Byrne) is definitely an asset to the show as well to Michael (and my guess would be Tommy, too, if need be). And Michael will no doubt soon need all the help he can get ... attracting lightning is his place in this universe.

Fionnula Flanagan, as feisty as last year as Rose, will be there to help, as well. But she won't be able to call upon Judd (Len Cariou) any more...

And the stew slowly simmers ... stirred, heated, bubbling on Brotherhood.

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