Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Weeds Season 3 Finale: The Fire and the Clean Slate

A very satisfying, contemplative, slap-in-your face finale of Season 3 of Weeds on Showtime tonight.

The pivotal moment came when Nancy decided to help the fire along, and make sure her house and with it her life from Judah's death till now succumbed to the flames.

This proved to be a good move, to say the least, insofar as Celia gave up Nancy's name about two seconds after she was called in for questioning, when police discovered her house full of weed. Another casualty of the fire - you can't keep secrets when the world around you is going up in flames and police and firefighters are everywhere - and Celia's behavior was 100% predictable.

But that's not all Nancy lost tonight. She and Conrad realize what they don't have in common - he doesn't recognize Nancy's Grateful Dead reference, and she has no interest in cooking him a turkey - and that looks like it may be it for them.

Though maybe not. As everything around Nancy is turning to ash, and she gets ready with brother and kids to leave - there remains the question of what will she do next season, or whenever she gets to where she is going, and the fire in Lower Majestic is over.

What has she learned from these last two years? What new skills - or, what better in terms of earning money than growing and selling weed?

And though she and Conrad have lots not in common, there is still a powerful emotional connection between them.

Quite the opposite of a cliff-hanger - blowing the mountain away, instead, and leaving us wondering what Nancy will find in the valley.

Showtime has left all options open for Season 4.

As long as Congress and the FCC don't get their way and extend their unconstitutional control of broadcasting to cable, we should be in for a great story next year.

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