Thursday, November 1, 2007 Gives Ann Coulter the Business!

The team - Leah Kaufmann as songwriter/singer, and Ben Relles producer - turns its satirical attention to Ann Coulter in the above video. Except, rather than the Obama Girl videos which we were fun, this Coulter video has a much deserved serious political bite to the satire. (Well, the Giuliani video had a little of that bite, but this Coulter performance has much more.)

Obama Girl Amber Lee Ettinger - who I was pleased to have lecture in my class at Fordham in September (along with Ben Relles) - makes just a quick cameo appearance in this production. Instead, Kaufmann takes front and center stage - not only as singer and songwriter, as she was in the Obama Girl videos, but as the singer we can see.

Kaufmann is easily the leading satirical lyricist around these days. "Perfect me, make me petty, I want to be hateful like Ann Coulter...," Kaufmann beseeches Coulter, picking up on her comment that Jews need to be "perfected"...

I'd say Kaufmann, judging by her talent as a writer, singer, and now a performer, is already there.

And continues in its work as the best new-media satire operation around.

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