Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sierra Waters Gets Email from John Titor Associate...

Sierra has received e-mail from Zeshua Alpha - this e-mail really came in on Sierra's account. Zeshua is apparently an associate of John Titor - I just found this out when I did a search on Zeshua's name.

Here's the correspondence (Zeshua was apparently responding to Sierra's letter from the future to me)...

From: "Zeshua Alpha" (
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2007 00:32:05 -0400

Hello Sierra,

What is your current method of communication with the 2007 timeframe?
What year is it that you are in communication from?

I do hope that we can share and express certain communication between us.

Good Days... <

Thank you so much for writing, Zeshua Alpha! You are the first - I was afraid no one would reply!

I'm writing this from a "Chair" - which has an email option - in 2061.

Do you have any information about Alcibiades, Heron, or Thomas O'Leary?

Even if not, let's stay in contact - I greatly value having a connection in the early 21st century!

Sierra Waters
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