Friday, November 9, 2007

Three High School Students Make a Good Video about Violence and Videogames

Jake Lackner contacted me a few months ago - he and a few of his colleague students in high school (Denver School of the Arts) were making a video about violence and videogames, and would I like to be interviewed. I said, sure.

Katie Aldworth conducted the interview by phone - as professional as any network or NPR or cable interview I've ever given, and with a lot less attitude than you sometimes get. She and Jake directed this video, "Consoles and Carnage: Violence in Videogames," which she, Jake, and Maxine Gallegos wrote, filmed, and edited.

I don't agree with everything everyone says in the video - of course not, because it tries to present a diversity of views. But I think the lack of cause between violent video games and violence in real life is clearly explained - not just by me, but even more persuasively by kids who play video games themselves.

I think Jake and Katie and Maxine could teach the "professional" media a thing or two about being fair and balanced. We're lucky to have people like this growing up in our country.

See for yourself...

And here, for contrast, is my "debate" with Jack Thompson on CBNC in 2006...

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