Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Further Genesis of "The Light That Time Forgot"

I now know what I think of as the "furniture" of this story. The metaphor comes from my editor at Tor for The Silk Code through The Plot to Save Socrates - David G. Hartwell - who likes to talk about "rearranging furniture" when plot elements and/or characters in a draft novel need a major overall. I'm using it here more in the sense of what you put in an empty house or room, after you've constructed it.

The house is "The Light That Time Forget" - otherwise known as the title. I know the story, anthology, novel, whatever will be about time travel. That's where I was a few days ago.

But yesterday afternoon, driving to Fordham University, I realized what the furniture would be - what the texture, characters, vehicle of the story were all about.

Watercolor. Impressionist painters. Better living through captured light. Better living through watercolor. Something like that...

Now, at this point, I'm going to go into sub rosa mode, and not talk about the story. First, I don't like talking about my writing on a blow-by-blow basis. Second, I have no idea how long it will take me to write this - could be tomorrow, could be next year, or much longer...

But I'll definitely keep you posted. And will of course acknowledge the good denizens of Second Life, if and when (ok, I'm pretty confident it's just a question of when) "The Light That Time Forgot" is published.

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