Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Journeyman Continues: 7: Jack

Episode 7 of Journeyman on NBC tonight was really mostly about Livia - it's clear now that her role in jumping around in time is to be Dan's guardian angel, and do for him what he does for everyone else. And there was some great root canal in the teeth of time travel work tonight as Dan fights with his slightly younger self... (all time travel is root canal work, veering so close as it does to paradox)...

I liked all of that.

But what struck me most about the show tonight is what's up with brother Jack (played by Reed Diamond)? He finds out about Dan's money from the hijacker past - I love the way the show has been semi-starring that money - and begins to investigate. Paul Schulze plays an FBI agent (Richard Garrity) who comes sniffing around - was great to see 24's Ryan Chappell and the Sopranos' priest back in action (hey, he played the hobo on Mad Men, too) - and Jack tries to fend him off...

But, in the end, Garrity presses Jack, threatens him if doesn't cooperate. And Jack, unaccountably, tells Garrity the money came from Jack's brother!

Which makes no sense, based on what we've seen of Jack's love for Dan so far.

So, either, we weren't seeing right (not likely). Or Jack's love for Katie is so strong, and his resentment for Dan so great that ... no, that's even less likely.

Which leaves us with something else going on. Jack wants Garrity involved for some reason ... and that reason would be-

I wonder if it has anything to do with the tachyon scientist, who will be back in play next week, explaining his call across time to Dan ...

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The Plot to Save Socrates

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