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Monday, November 19, 2007

How Will Dexter Get Out of This?

DexterA stunningly incisive, blade-brilliant Episode 8, Season 2, of Dexter on Showtime tonight, as the noose, vice, take-your-pick tightens all but irrevocably on Dexter...

Agent Lundy is every bit as sharp as Dexter. Last week, Lundy concluded from the manifesto that Dexter/the Bay Harbor Butcher sent in to the Miami paper for publication that the Bay Harbor Butcher was with law enforcement, and the purpose of the cleverly concocted manifesto was to send Lundy and his team scurrying around in half a dozen contradictory directions. This week, Debra and Angel discover the license plate of the car that the BHB used for one of his victims. Debra's puzzled because there are no Florida matches for the plate. Lundy walks by and suggests out of state, and, bingo, it comes up from Georgia, and a car that was in the possession of Dexter's unit.... All that's keeping Lundy from Dexter is knowledge of who signed that car out on the crucial day of the butchering.

And even worse for Dexter: Lundy questions Daokes, and lets him know that - in that same case with the Georgia license plate - the DA failed to get a conviction because of bad blood work. The released killer soon after became the Bay Harbor Butcher's victim. This leads to Doakes to search Dexter's apartment - and find the trophy blood slides that Dexter has been keeping in a little box in his air conditioner.

For his part, Dexter at last realizes that Lila has been manipulating him (but I still like her - call me a romantic), but he's killed again, and with Lundy and the all evidence arrayed against him ... How can Dexter get out of this?

Here are my suggestions:

1. Doakes found the slides. We already know that his superiors including Maria have him tagged as violent and out-of-control. Maybe Dexter can somehow make it look as if Doakes was the Bay Harbor Butcher.... He works, after all, in same unit as Dexter.

2. Lundy and Debra may be falling in love. Lundy so far is by the book - but love can bend the straightest arrow. Maybe one or both of them will figure out a way to deflect the spotlight of guilt from Dexter.

Neither of the two options looks all that likely to me - at this point, I would go with Doakes taking the fall... Or maybe Lundy allowing that to happen ...

What do you think?

Whatever happens, nothing beats Dexter for sheer, startling, sparkling story tightening on television.

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Anonymous said...

I can't see Deb ever finding out that Dexter is the BHB. It would ruin their relationship. Had she expressed any sense of sympathy for their target (as other cops have) I might see that as possible.

The only way I see Lundy letting any of this slide is if he falls in love with Deb and wants to protect her from the truth.

Still doesn't seem plausible.

Doakes is getting way to close for comfort for Dexter. He has hard evidence now (albeit unbeknown to Dex). At this point, Lundy probably has as bad an opinion of Doakes as he does Dexter and could be led to believe Doakes is the BHB.

It really comes down to how bad Dexter wants to stay free. Could he kill Doakes, make him disappear and set him up? Again, doesn't seem likely. Doakes, while he is definitely an asshole, is certainly not a criminal murderer.

Paul Levinson said...

Astute analysis.

I don't think Dexter would kill Doakes - he more likely would frame Doakes, in such a convincing way that Doakes couldn't prove he was innocent.

Then, of course, Dexter would have the problem of making sure Doakes doesn't get the death penalty...

We already have the precedent, this year, of Dexter framing someone, for a little while.

Another possibility is Dexter allows himself to go on trial - but pulls some other rabbit out of the hat...

dawn said...

Hi Paul, I left you a message with 3 theory's last week but I don't know on which point.
I think He will set up Doakes, if Doakes touched the slide box and slides then his prints are on it. did you catch the line about Doakes father being a butcher. I'm not sure about Lila yet she is psycotic and may have killed more then her ex. I think Deb would cover for Dex if she found out but I don't think they are going to go that route. It is a great show huh

dawn said...

I found my original comment :dawn said...
Hi Paul, Hope all is well, I've been extremly busy at work. weeds is really good this week but how long can she last before it all comes crumbling down. Also her mothering skills are really neglectful and she needs to start making sure she takes care of shane.
Oh I saw your post, this show is amazing, what do you think will happen I have 3 theorie's , ready
1- Dexter will set up Doakes as the butcher
2- Deb will figure it out and save Dexters ass
3- rita will be set up as the butcher. This one is my least fav because it's too close a connection to Dexter but could turn out like brother and Sister sleeping with Serial Killers. WHat do you think?

November 14, 2007 4:26:00 PM EST
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Paul Levinson said...

Excellent posts, Dawn - I missed your original - but I see we think alike...

I think Dexter setting up Doakes as the butcher is really the only way Dex can go.

I can't see him setting up Rita.

But the Lundy/Deb situation is still key ... I can see Deb covering for Dexter - she already said recently that the BHB was only killing people who deserved to die. But will she be able to pull the wool over Lundy's eyes ... or will Lundy allow himself to look the other way...

I love this show!

Lila is psychotic - but she's still better for Dexter in many ways than Rita - as long as Dexter can't be who he really is with Rita...'

Anonymous said...

The writer's have given too many clues that Dex will set up Doakes (his father was a butcher? come on)... so it's probably going to happen. But I agree that Dex still has to save him... unless he finds that Doakes is (or has been) a murderer at some point or another. Possibly in his black ops days?

I can see Dex setting up Doakes with all of the evidence, Doakes accusing Dex (and looking insane), and the situation ending with Doakes fleeing the country through his travel agent friend's connections.