Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Heroes 2: Episode 10: Penultimate for the Fall

Last night's Episode 10 of Heroes, Season 2 is the last before the "finale" of this first Fall "Volume" of Heroes. And depending upon what happens with the WGA strike, we may have to wait beyond the Spring to see Volume 2.

Last night's show developed and brought together a lot of threads nicely. Claire is coming into her own as a hero in better control of her life - an adult - and stands up well to Elle. Adam has been fully revealed for what he is - a monster in some ways worse than Sylar, who is regaining some of his old ways pretty quickly himself. Hiro saw last week that Adam/Kensei killed his father, and is back on the case in America. But Peter needs (or thinks he needs) Adam to save his Irish love, and in the last scene we see Peter confronting Hiro on behalf of Adam.

Which is a pretty good setup for the Fall finale. The coming attractions say a few of our heroes will die next week. Here's what I think:

Neither Hiro nor Peter.

Maybe Nathan, coming to Peter's assistance. Nathan hasn't had much of a story this year, and seems out of place in this world.

Who else? Strictly on the basis of the storyline and characterizations, I would say Niki might not make it. Micah could be raised by his grandmother. Niki also seems without moorings, without a center of gravity, this Fall. And there would be a sad poetry of sorts in her joining D. L. - on the other hand, Ali Larter has a lot of fans (including me).

Villains? Either Adam or Sylar won't make it - but one should survive. The obvious prediction is Adam will die - because the Fall has been his story, not Sylar's. But Heroes could be pull a switch and have Sylar dead. Not likely, because a lot has been quietly invested in his character this Fall ... but, you never know...

Non-super-hero heroes? I can't see Mohinder dying - his role in the series is unique. Mr. Bennet? I assume he can't be killed now, unless someone blows his head off ... it would be a wild twist to somehow kill him, anyway ... but, not likely. (One possibility, though, is that Claire's blood is not 100% effective in repairing him.) Elle's father ... I don't like the character and would love to see him go - but that's no indication that he will go. Possibly all of the above with survive.

Next week - and the next volume - should be good. I hope the number of heroes is at least slightly reduced, so we can have more of them in our fields of focus every week.

But this volume is ending up on a high note - and I'll be back with more next week.

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