Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Conversation with Kenny Hubble aka Ken Hudson about Second Life

Latest episode of my Light On Light Through podcast: I converse with digital artist Ken Hudson aka Kenny Hubble of and about Second Life. At 10,000 accounts and growing, the vibrant virtual community of Second Life is becoming a way of life for many. Ken interviewed me in his Media Ecology Second Life series a few weeks ago - see the 60-minute video here - and I'm still enjoying it. Ken and I talk about life in Second Life - how to do it, how to live it, and its relationship to real or "first" life in everything ranging from art and music to (of course) sex. Whether you're an old hand at Second Life, a newbie, or just want to learn more about this fascinating place, you won't want to miss this special 40-minute interview (and, actually, there is no way that you can, because it will always be available here - and likely somewhere in Second Life, too).

my 40-minute interview of Ken Hudson

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