Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Weeds 3 Ep 13: Shane Pays the Price

Powerful unlucky Episode 13 of Weeds Season 3 on Showtime Monday night, in which Nancy's dangerous profession finally begins to catch up with her kids.

It all happens near the end.

Silas gets beaten pretty badly by a gang of bikers - angry at Nancy and her team because she doesn't want to deal their inferior weed.

But Shane, who has been having a hard time of it all season, experiences something far worse. Something he pulls into being in his mind. He starts talking to Judah - his deceased father - as if he was right there, sitting at the table. (We see a hint of this earlier in the show. But it goes by so quickly, it's not really clear what happened.)

Alexander Gould has been doing a great job portraying the delightful, sparkling wit of Nancy's younger son. Until now, you could always count on Shane for a sanely refreshing remark about the insanity going on all around him.

But how much could anyone his age take? He's heard of people being killed, he's seen his brother beaten - his escape into a fantasy world of his father being alive, and providing him some protection, makes perfect unfortunate sense.

It's been sometimes said of Weeds, over the past few years, that the show does not delve enough into the ill-effects Nancy's dealings might have on her family. It's good to see the series addressing this issue now. In addition to the customary hilarity, we should be in for some riveting moments in the concluding episodes of Weeds this season.

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