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Monday, November 26, 2007

Dexter 2 Episode 9: The Plot Gets Even Tighter and Sharper

Dexter Well, those of us who thought that Doakes would get stuck as the suspect for Dexter's killings were right - it was indeed the logical (and just about only) choice, and there were a few prime clues leading up to it (Daokes' history of violence, his father was a butcher, etc).

But Dexter, of course, is by no means out of the woods just yet, even if he does have Doakes just where he wants him - a prisoner in Dexter's cabin. This was a nice twist - Doakes may literally become Dexter's next victim - which I didn't see coming.

But here's what Dexter has arrayed against him: Lt. Maria Laguerta (beautifully, powerfully played by Lauren Vélez) is clearly no dope, and although she likes Dexter, she loves Doakes, and knows enough about his soul to know that he couldn't be the Bay Harbor Butcher. She could be Dexter's worst nightmare if she starts putting two and two together. And Lundy, of course, is no slouch, either, and even the slightest thing that doesn't add up about Doakes - such as, why is he missing and where is he - could get Lundy thinking that Doakes is not the butcher, after all.

And then there's Lila, who's become a loose, dangerous canon in Dexter's life. Now I've gotta say that I still think she's more a soulmate for Dexter than is Rita, and in a crucial scene tonight she almost gets through to Dexter on that point. But Dexter and Rita seem headed back together, and Lila doesn't like that one bit, which means she could be a threat to Dexter, too.

There's no way she could take the fall as the Bay Harbor Butcher - since everyone knows now that it was an inside job - but she may still play a role in what will be a heart-pounding resolution of this fabulous season in the next few weeks.

The coming attractions on Showtime show Dexter moving to cut up Doakes - but I can't see that happening. Doakes is not a serial killer. Will Lila somehow come to Dexter's rescue, and kill Doakes ... I don't know ... it's hard to predict.

But if Doakes lives, sooner or later he'll be able to convince someone that Dexter's the killer. Maria would be first, and Lundy close after. So unless this season ends on a cliffhanger - to be resolved next season - we should be in for some smart, savage, heart-wrenching twists and turns in the concluding episodes of what is now the best continuing series on television.

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Eric said...

It's the "Bay HARBOR Butcher"

Paul Levinson said...

:) right - thanks! I guess I was thinking the Bay City Rollers... (anyone know who they were? :) ... but I'll correct that right now...

dawn said...

S A T U R D A Y Night, enough said.
Hope your thanksgiving was great, I am now at a loss for what they are going to do. I didn't think bout Maria but your right. I can't wait to see what happens they have really got me now.

Paul Levinson said...

you got it, Dawn! :)

SsssSaturday Night!

Thanksgiving was great - hope yours was, too.

Dexter had you got from the getgo!

Me too...

Anonymous said...

Best show on TV right now, the tension ramping up every week. Fun to come over and read your reviews after the show and see someone else enjoying it as much. And I do know who the Bay City Rollers are, probably from living in England in the late 70s when they were at the peak of their popularity. :) They were hard to escape at the time...

Paul Levinson said...

Thanks, Mike - a pleasure to have you as a reader!