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Friday, November 5, 2021

Baptiste 2.3: Massacre and Answers

Baptiste 2.3 is about as powerful an episode of this series -- about as powerful an episode of any series on television -- I've seen.  And it provides answers to two crucial questions that are at the core of this season: how Emma Chambers wound up in a wheelchair, and Julien Baptiste so dissolute, between a year ago and now.

[Big spoilers follow ... ]

Both are the result of that jolting, revolting massacre in which the band of terrorists gun down who knows how many people.  The outnumbered police and their weapons were no match for the automatic weapons of the terrorists.  Predictability, the police ignored Baptiste's warnings.  Not predictably, they succumbed almost as quickly to the terrorists as did the civilian victims.

Emma was shot in the back as Julien tried to save her.  A policeman pulls him away and into a store as she screams in pain.  But that would soon be not the worst pain she would be feeling.

The policeman kills one of the terrorists, before being killed himself.  Julien, not a man of violence, takes the slain policeman's gun.  He holds it in his hand, and realizes what he must do.  He goes back out into the street, finds Emma, and a terrorist nearby with a mask on and a menacing weapon.  Julien shoots him dead.  Emma cries no, no, no, in exquisite agony.

The terrorist Julien has killed is Emma's older son Alex.  Julien had already realized that the hostage video featuring Alex as hostage was a fake.  He knew the terrorists were up to something horrible, but he couldn't quite put together this two and two adding up to such a massacre.

One powerful, unforgettable episode indeed.

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