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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

La Brea 1.7: Time Sinkholes Not Only in Different Places, But From Different Times

Well, the most important thing that happened in La Brea 1.7 happened at the very beginning: we heard again that the sinkholes not only exist in different places but different times.  There was one back in the Civil War, which lead to the chest of gold going back 12,000 years.   We already knew that some people from a few years ago went back to that past.  But the Civil War origin shows that these gateways to the past exist throughout history.

This opens up all kinds of time travel possibilities.  In addition to gold, people from the Civil War could join our friends from La Brea in the past.   Who knows, maybe they're already there.  And if our crew finds another sinkhole, who knows to when it might take them.  Maybe even further back than the Civil War. Maybe to sometime in our future.

It's becoming clear that two characters we've already met come from a time not exactly our own. Paara speaks perfect English, with an American accent.   She clearly came from sometime close to ours, certainly closer than even the Civil War.  As I said in my review of La Brea 1.5, she looks a lot like Rebecca.  I'd say there's a chance the two are related, if not somehow the same person.

And then there's Gavin.  Tonight's episode strongly implied that he's not from our time.  That leaves either the past or the future as his time of origin.   I'm thinking he comes from the future, though we have no indication as yet of any time travel from the future to our present or to 12,000 years ago.

La Brea is deepening in time travel metaphysics in every episode.  In my book, that's a very good thing.  See you back here next week.

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