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Saturday, November 6, 2021

CSI: Vegas 1.5: Double Header

A strong CSI: Vegas 1.5 earlier this week, with two good stories -- the continuing David Hodges framed narrative, and a standalone story of a plane that lands on automatic with a dead crew.  And, actually, I liked the standalone story even more than the continuing.

The set-up is a good classical whodunnit.  And the FBI guy who comes in to help with the investigation shared some romantic energy with Maxine.  She of course demurs that she's married to her job, but who is she kidding, she'll be getting together with this guy before the season is over, or maybe next season (I hope there is), and that will be all to the benefit of a continuing narrative.

Back to Hodges:  Sara and Gil are now sure he was framed on those 8,000 cases, and Maxine agrees but cautions them to stay under the radar, i.e., don't get in the face of that aggressive DA.  But as Gil would no doubt say, knowing someone did a crime and proving it are too very different things.  So good news on that score: before the evening is over, Gil realizes that man who framed Hodges made some kind of mistake -- revealed, in classic CSI style, by shining a special light on a wall that reveals a pattern of blood splatter -- and he was no doubt working for someone more powerful, more important than him.  Good grist for the continuing story.

Joshua, who with Allie always investigates the non-Hodges story, also had his best episode so far.  He connects with and plays surrogate uncle to a boy whose father was murdered on that plane, and [spoiler ahead ...]

whose aunt actually did the murders.  The CSI's connection to kids is another hallmark of the classic series, and it's gratifying to see it continuing.

See you back here with my review of the next episode next week.

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