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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Curb Your Enthusiasm 11.4-5: How Much of a Shirt?

Been a busy few weeks, so I didn't get a chance to review Curb Your Enthusiasm 11.4 last week and I'm just getting around to reviewing 11.5 now.  So I combined them in one review.  But it's just a sitcom, right?

I've often said that what appeals to me most about this hilarious show is how often it delves into issues that I can relate to.  And there was a sterling example in episode 11.5, which towers above everything else in these two episodes.

Larry talks for a second or two about how much of his white undershirt should be visible when you're wearing a polo shirt or whatever kind of shirt over it.   Now, obviously, this question doesn't arise if you're wearing a tie, because then your shirt would be buttoned on top, right under the collar, so no white undershirt would be visible at all.  But I almost never wear a tie, and Larry doesn't, either, at least not on the show.

Anyway, Larry has a very specific idea of how much of the white undershirt should be visible, and I think I pretty much agree with him.  But that assumes the top of the undershirt is out-of-the-laundry clean, which may not always be the case.  Larry frequently gets surprised by something, and if he's about to sip a cup of coffee, a splash of coffee could easily end up on this undershirt.  In fact, I think that happened to Larry in episode 11.4 or 11.5, but I can't recall which one it was.  I do know that, just a few days ago, as I was about to go off and teach my class at Fordham University, I looked in the mirror and noticed there was a tea stain on my white undershirt, right on the top, and therefore visible to anyone who looked at me.

I was pressed for time -- what else is new -- and didn't want to run up the stairs and take off my polo shirt, then my undershirt, then put on a new undershirt, and then put back on my polo shirt.  That would be four shirt procedures, in addition to running up and the back down the stairs.  So I came up with a solution:

Just take off my polo shirt, downstairs, then take off my undershirt with the tea stain, then put my polo shirt back on, and dash out of the house.  Pretty good solution, right?  And, actually, I think a polo shirt, even a dress shirt with an open collar, looks better with nothing on beneath.

And I'll be back here this coming Sunday with another review.

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