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Sunday, November 7, 2021

American Rust Season 1 Finale: Needed, Another Season or at Least Episode

The ninth episode of American Rust was just on Showtime.  The first strange and compelling thing about this episode is that it's the season finale (which, since the series hasn't been renewed as yet, could be the series finale).  Why not the usual eight or ten number of episodes?

Though, actually, ten would've made immensely greatder sense than eight, given what we saw in this ninth episode.

[Spoilers follow ...]

Let's see ... Dell winds up killing drug-dealing Bobby Jesus and the drug-supplying pharmacist, and while he was at it, the old lady who shot him in the arm with a shotgun.  With Bobby dead, there's no case against Billy.  Unfortunately, his life still hangs in the balance, since those Nazis in prison beat him to a coma.

Meanwhile, Isaac doesn't know that the star witness against Billy is gone, so he's taken a Greyhound back home to turn himself and the wrench in.  In the final scene, Dell tells him to put it back in his pocket, and never tell anyone about it--

And that's where this episode ends.  Left unexplored: Steve looks like he's on the way to realizing what Dell did -- more than enough for another episode.  And Dell has learned courtesy of Grace's husband that she set fire to her own house.  That also would have worth exploring in another episode.  And two Pittsburgh detectives are questioning Dell about what recently happened there.  Also worth further elaboration.

But it looks like we'll have to settle for another season, which still hasn't been announced.  Count me in as someone who most definitely would be watching and reviewing it.

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