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Monday, November 15, 2021

Baptiste 2.5: Will's Story

We found out a lot in Baptiste 2.5, as Will finally started talking.

[More spoilers follow.]

We learn that Alex and Will turned to terrorism in Europe, after their beloved sister was killed in their home in England, with the whole family at home, by an intruder.  The intruder was not a Brit, but someone whom the xenophobic white supremacists in Hungary were opposing, and shooting up the country to extirpate.  Emma says she'll get Will psychological help, and he certainly needs it.  The plot could use a little help too -- it seems a bit of stretch that even their sister being murdered would lead to Alex and Will murdering innocent civilians in Hungary, just to make their point.

Will says he regrets his mother being paralyzed and his father being killed by the terrorist who, he says, kidnapped Alex and him -- so we see at least Will's version of how his father was killed, which may be true, who knows -- but then Will lies to his mother about needing the restraints on his hands removed because they hurt.  Which they probably did, but Will was using this as an excuse to escape, which he did.

Baptiste wouldn't have fallen for this, but he was investigating part of Will's story, about being locked in a basement, only to discover that Will was lying.  This was a nice touch in the narrative. Baptiste discovers Will is a liar, unfortunately miles away from Emma taking off his hand restraints, believing him to be telling the truth.

So what's left for the finale is will Baptiste find Will and the terrorist mastermind Gomorrah before they unleash another bloodbath, even worse than the one which ended in Emma being shot in the back and Baptiste unknowingly killing Alex?   One thing we do know is that Celia seems implacable about not wanting Baptiste back, and I'm hoping she changes her mind.

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