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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Baptiste 2.4: Aftermath and Paradox

The massacre in last week's episode 2.3 of Baptiste on PBS was so searing powerful, that yesterday's episode 2.4 almost seemed like an aftermath.  Which it was.  As well as more.

The best moment is Baptiste shaving off his beard in the present, soon saying he felt different, because he was ... was more himself.  This meant he could now work fully and whole-heartedly with Emma Chambers, who had come to terms with Baptiste killing her son.  This wasn't a question of forgiving him.  It was a question of understanding, and letting that understanding reach her soul.  The plain reality is her son Alex could well have killed her, had Baptiste not stopped him.

And Emma no doubt realized, on some deep level, that if she had been killed on that street by her son Alex, she would not be around now to search for her younger son Will.  Would not have been able to enlist Baptiste's help, which she successfully did.

And so they indeed found Will, alive, but who knows how well. But that's not the end of it.  Julien and Emma still have to nab the people who set all of this in motion.  So far, no justice has been done.

And there's still the question of Julien's wife.  In episode 2.4, the two are, if anything, even further apart.  And there seems scant prospect of their getting back together.  Julien is not going to give up who he is.  But he deserves some happiness.  And that's the paradoxical nub of this series (and Missing before it), and its central character.  In order to do his work successfully, Julien has to devote so much of himself that he hasn't enough time for family.   That's happens to many people, and it's always difficult.  But in Julien Baptiste's case, he gives so much to the world that it also seems manifestly unfair.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this round concludes for Baptiste in the two upcoming episodes.

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