Monday, April 26, 2010

Treme 1.3: Fine Sweet and Sour

A mixed bag for Antoine tonight on Treme 1.3.  Starts out good, with sex with a woman from the club where he plays trombone, followed with sex with his woman at home.   But it ends with vicious cops kicking his trombone and beating him bloody.   Toni explains in another context that cops are on edge in post-Katrina New Orleans, but the truth is this happens all too often in cities around America, which haven't been flooded by a hurricane.

One restraint on police brutality, which I talk about in New New Media, is the ubiquity of camera phone videos and their easy upload to YouTube.   Whether criminal or out-of-control cop, it's getting increasingly harder to break the law in private.   I didn't see any cameras around when Antoine was beaten, but it was good to see Creighton watching a video his daughter made in Baton Rouge put on YouTube.   It's the end of 2006 - YouTube is bursting on to the scene.  (I put my first videos up there in July 2006.)

Sonny and Annie have a strong sweet-and-sour story tonight, too.  It's Annie's birthday.  Sonny gets money to buy her a fine bottle of wine to celebrate.   But real-life New Orleans pianist Tim McDermott swoops in to get Annie to play her violin at an upscale gig with him.   Sonny's welcome to tag along as a guest - keyboard, after all, is "already covered" - and Sonny's left drinking the wine at a table by himself.

Antoine also sings a great song, out in the street, with Sonny and Annie playing, right before his run-in with the cops.   Sounded to me like Wendell Pierce was singing, and it sure was good.   Throw in a little Dr. John music - on record and in a recording session in New York - and Davis and Janette taking each other's clothes off again, and you have a third straight fine episode of Treme.

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