Monday, April 5, 2010

24 in Manhattan, Goes to the Movies, in 8.15-16

Whew - a primo two hours of 24 Season 8 tonight - 15 and 16 - ranging from Jack shouting "taxi!" on the streets of New York, to a remarkably powerful ending, with lots of good stuff in between.

First, I'm really enjoying the New York placement of this season.   Part of tonight's episode took place on 93rd and Amsterdam - hey, I was on 93rd and West End just yesterday.   Another part took place on 110th Street - actually, the action sped by there - just 50 blocks north of Fordham University, where I teach, with some great restaurants.   After years of reading all about Lost and Hawaii from people on that beautiful set of Pacific islands, it was great seeing 24 take place on my little island, Manhattan.

Saving Manhattan is what Hour 15  was all about.  Although Jack rescued President Hassan last week, Hassan can't let saving his own life lead to the deaths of so many in New York.   So Hassan escapes, and puts himself in the hands of the terrorists.   They keep their word, eventually, and stop the bomb with just seven seconds left on the fuse.

Saving Hassan is what Hour 16 was all about.   But first, we had a great scene with President Taylor and her Chief of Staff (who had sided with the general who was attempting to turn Hassan over to the terrorists, contrary to Taylor's orders).   She calls him a traitor.   He says he saved New York.  As I said here last week, I don't like traitors, but it's hard to argue with anyone who wants to save New York, or, for that matter, the lives of so many innocent people.

Dana also has some fine scenes.   She almost kills Arlo, almost escapes, and kills at least one guard in the process.   Cole is suitably furious.   Dana wants to talk to Jack - delivers one of the best lines of the night ("you're the only here who doesn't have his head up his ass") - and cuts a deal with the President: a conditional release, dependent upon her info getting Hassan free.

Which brings us to the "Iranian" President.   Jack and his team get to the building, the apartment, where he's being held.   The terrorist is on the Internet, telling the world about Hassan's "crimes".   He will kill Hassan at the end of the recitation.   Jack and Renee hear the terrorist.   Jack breaks into the room - only to find that what they were hearing, what was being seen on the Internet, was a recording.   Hassan has been killed.

Not only was this an emotionally trenchant moment, it was great to see yet another play on the 1944 movie Laura [SPOILERS FOLLOW FOR MOVIE Laura], which revolved around the killer seeming to have an ironclad alibi, because he was talking on the radio at the time of the murder.  In those days, playing recordings of shows, rather than the shows done live, was rare on radio.   So the killer fooled just about everyone by murdering Laura at the exact time a recording of his show was playing on the radio.

But it's only fitting that 24 connects to the movies, because that's where it's going after this television season.   Which is fine with me as far as the movie part goes - my wife and I will be first in line to see the 24 movie - but I'd like to see the TV part continue, too.

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