Tuesday, April 27, 2010

House 6.18: Open Marriage

Open marriage was the theme on House 6.18 - both for the patient and her husband, and Taub and his wife Rachel.   As usual for lots of House this season, the medical mystery was good - the culprit was lilacs and a bee sting - but the personal stories were better.

Taub's was the more interesting, because we know him and his wife, and his reputation for philandering.   The latest temptation is blond nurse Maya.   We saw Taub and her walking together, in something slightly more than a professional way, at the end of 6.15, the episode in which Taub convinces his wife and even House that he's not having any more extramarital affairs.   But in episode 6.18, Maya's fixing Taub's tie, and their body language impresses Thirteen enough to tell Taub that Maya would definitely sleep with him.

Rachel senses something's going on, and she proposes an open marriage to Taub.   He can have one night to do as he pleases, as long he's back by midnight and doesn't talk about who he was this.   Taub tells Rachel how much he loves her, but he's quick to agree.   He makes an assignation with Maya for the special night, and everything's set- 

But Rachel comes to see Taub in the parking facility, to tell him she can't go through with it.   Makes sense - I was surprised she came up with this in the first place.   Taub (of course) agrees - he says    doesn't need anyone else, etc.    But he sees Maya in the garage at the end of the next day, and - they kiss, and leave together to go some place to do more.  That one I did see coming.

Open marriage - Taub's going to have it, one way or the other.

Meanwhile, in other news from the episode, House is up to his old tricks at home, doing what he can to undermine Wilson and Sam, even though House said he wouldn't do that.  And it works.  Sam and Wilson realize you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube, and it's not going to work for them - too bad, I thought they were a good couple.

So not a good night for true love on House at all - but when is it ever - and that's part of the the charm of the series.

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